“After visiting a back specialist and being told nothing could be done, I visited a chiropractor, two in fact that helped me in general. But I did not receive total relief and more important my life back until I began treatment with Dr. Tom DiSalvatore. I have been and will continue to recommend everyone I know needing chiropractic care to his office.” -C.M.

​“My two-year-old son underwent two ear surgeries and also had his adenoids removed only to continue with chronic ear and sinus infections. After only one treatment and following Dr. DiSalvatore’s advice, we are infection free and finally sleeping through the night.” -J.W.

​“After having surgery, I was left with a lot of back and shoulder pain. The surgical staff told me that the pain was normal and recovery could take up to 18 months. By then the pain had gotten so bad that it was limiting my daily activities and keeping me up at night. I discussed my condition with Dr. DiSalvatore and after a couple visits I was back to normal. I will never wait for pain relief again. Thank you Dr. DiSalvatore and staff.
You are the best.” -D.A.

“I was going to Dr. DiSalvatore for chiropractic care and my wife noticed his weight loss brochure. I enrolled in his weight loss program after talking to him. I lost to date over 70 pounds, and after a week on the program, except for my knee injury, I found I have hardly any pain. I have tried several weight programs with little success. This has changed my life with the weight I lost and feel so much better. I’m 68 years old. Thank you Dr. DiSalvatore.” -M.W.R.

“We appreciate the way you and your staff care about us.” -P.L.R.

“I have tried several different weight loss programs. Shape is the only one that I have been able to successfully maintain my weight loss. Thank you Dr. DiSalvatore & staff!!” -D.L.

“With the care I received from Dr. DiSalvatore I am relieved from my headaches, back pain, night sweats and hot flashes.” -D.C.

"After losing 36 lbs using the SHAPE ReClaimed weight loss program, my family doctor was shocked and amazed at the improvement in my blood test results.   My diabetic medication has been decreased as a result of my progress and improvement in my overall health status. Thank you, Dr. DiSalvatore!” -A.Z.