Shape ReClaimed Mineral Oil, Lotion and Drops

Whether you're on shape ReClaimed or not, there is only one salt that humans should consume that is healthy, Celtic Sea Salt. This salt provides over 80 minerals and is not processed or pasteurized. It tastes great too!

We offer a variety of different dressings/marinade along with a hot sauce and a BBQ sauce.​ These are sweetened with stevia and provide a tasty alternative for phase 1 recipes and salads!

On phase 1? Need something to satisfy that sweet tooth? Ice Chips are for you! Sweetened with xylitol and assorted flavors to die for, they are tasty and will not interfere with the program. 

Ice Chips Brand Candy

​Simple Girl Dressings and Sauce

Simple Girl All Purpose Safe Seasoning

Celtic Sea Salt and Pepper

​Simple Girl All-Purpose Safe Seasoning is sugar-free, oil-free, starch-free, and all-natural.  It's a great all-purpose seasoning designed to enhance the flavor of beef entrees, chicken recipes, seafood dishes, soups, vegetables, and more. Simple Girl All-Purpose Spice is gluten-free and made with high quality, spices and a bit of organic stevia for an all-natural sweetener.  Again, this sugar-free spice mix was specifically designed without starch, oil, and sugar so there is no guilt in using it​​