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Our mission, is to always, make a lasting and positive change in the lives of the patients we see everyday.  We are committed to serving those who desire natural, conservative treatment for their health care needs. 

​​Chiropractic care

Supports the concept that maintenance of proper function of the body's systems can provide for better health.

Weight management

We offer Shape ReCaimed, a proven way to achieve your optimal weight safely and effectively under a physician's guidance so you can feel and look better. 

Nutritional therapies

Our nutritional therapies help restore normal physiologic function and make up for nutritional deficiencies thereby helping you get well and stay well.


Everyone has an electromagnetic system that at times becomes imbalanced.  When this happens your body doesn't work right.  Our doctor restores that balance and helps you feel better.


Our in-office rehab center will help strengthen and stabilize the regions of your body that  are weak, helping you become stronger and  pain free. 

We are proudly caring for our veterans!